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French Studies: Study Abroad

Hip Hop Culture and French Language
FRE 4956 / AFA 4905

Since the end of World War II France has been profoundly impacted by the arrival of significant immigrant groups from North and West Africa. In recent years, immigrant youths have formed gangs and have taken protest and sometimes violence to the streets; these protestors were derogatorily characterized by Nicolas Sarkozy as la racaille, ‘street rabble.’

Since the early 1990s, rap music has emerged as the musical style and cultural force most closely associated with immigrant youth. In addition to studying scholarly work on urban culture and ethnomusicology, this class examines French rap as a way to gain insights into the culture, language, society, and psychology of second generation immigrant youth in France.

Examples of Artists Covered

French Artists

Students will study the French artists:

Academic Credits

Participants will earn 6 academic credits:

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To apply, go the course page on the University of Florida International Center website.

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