Early Medieval China is a journal devoted to academic scholarship relating to the period roughly between the end of the Han and beginning of the Tang eras. Boundaries in historical time are rarely abrupt or sharp, so the journal's coverage is occasionally extended in either direction. The focus, though, remains on the people, events, and culture of the years 220-589 A.D.

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Early Medieval China 1 (1994)

Early Medieval China 2 (1995-96)

Early Medieval China 3 (1997)

Early Medieval China 4 (1998) Errata for vol. 4

Early Medieval China 5 (1999) Errata for vol. 5

Early Medieval China 6 (2000)

Early Medieval China 7 (2001) Errata for vol. 7

Early Medieval China 8 (2002)

Early Medieval China 9 (2003)

Early Medieval China 10-11, Pt.1 (2004)

Early Medieval China 10-11, Pt.2 (2005)

Early Medieval China 12 (2006) Errata for vol. 12

Early Medieval China 13-14, Pt.1 (2007)

Early Medieval China 13-14, Pt.2 (2008)

Early Medieval China 15 (2009)



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